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Complex parting line / split line

Discussion created by Christopher Thompson on Mar 21, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2009 by John Kreutzberger
I have a part that will be mirrored. The part line is created on three sides or faces (three sketches) and joined by a composite curve. As the surface to create the parting line is sweep, a 3DSketch was used to add corner rounds to the converted composite curve (match outside radius of solid body).

What is the best recommend technique for creating this parting line as drafted surfaces need to be created? The split line is also present on the inside of the shell, but does not need to be on the inside as that surface is already drafted. The mounting feature for a latch was added after the shell, and I would like it to go positive 1 deg above the split line, and negative 1 deg below the split line where the mold tooling faces will meet.

What is the recommended best practice technique for creating the drafted surfaces and parting lines?


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