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Are you a Freelance SolidWorks specialist who also knows something about Autocad?

Question asked by Visual Work on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on May 21, 2019 by Ruben Balderrama

There are several types of tasks available. The first one is transferring an Autocad furniture design into SolidWorks. There will be some changes made to the design. For this task it helps if the designer has experience in furniture mass production in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia or Poland. Later there are several similar tasks. The designer should have a fast efficient style of working.


The second task type is related in engines and factory design (conveyer belt type things, some understanding of engineering is needed). The third type is more general: drawing simple decorative products according to a plan (also Autocad) and modifying e.g. kitchen/hotel/office designs (mainly the fixed furniture).


These are all part-time Freelance projects at the moment. The amount of hours per month is expected to gradually increase.


I am mainly interested in talent in Lithuania, Latvia and maybe also in Estonia and Poland. A big advantage is if the SolidWorks specialists speak and write English fluently.


This forum is a new place for me, so I am not sure how the SolidWorks talents can contact me. One way to do it is to email me: