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advanced holes and design library

Question asked by Gustavo Avila on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by Dale Dunn

can any one please help me with this issue.


i need some one to tell me how can i make an advanced hole and use it as a design library


i already created my custom hole using the advanced hole feature and saved it in to my design library, when i created this custom hole i double check to not have any references like a point, sketch or edge so when i drag & drop the feature from the design library, the SW don't ask for any reference.


my problem is that when i do this the SW ask for a plane, like if i have referenced the hole with a plane or something, i have tried to select any plane front, top right , i created my self a plane in a random place in the part and i still get this message "unable to create library feature with selected references"


please if anyone can tell me how it will be very helpful