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    CosmosWorks Error Message

    David Deyongh
      I am trying to obtain stress and displacement plots for a chute that has a circular inlet and a square outlet. I have placed restraints on the inlet and outlets and am applying a 5000 lb force on the circular inlet, as can be seen on the screen capture. When I run the analysis Cosmos gives me an error message saying that no load is applied and that the static analysis has failed. Does anyone know what it wrong here? It seems to me the way I have set it up should be running OK. Any help is greatly appreciated.
        • CosmosWorks Error Message
          Steven Dinsdale
          I think the problem is that you are applying a load to a fixed face. I would try and adjust your restraints so that they more accurately represent how it would be restrained in real life.

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            David Deyongh
            Steven, I have removed the restraint on the circular face but now I get another error message. I get an error message saying

            PCG iterative solver stopped
            Status code:9 MATRIX_SINGULAR_OR_INDEFINITE
            May not have adequate restraints
            No results saved.
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              Steven Dinsdale
              That is interesting. I have seen that error before, but I don't know why it is giving it to you now.

              Try running the study with the Direct Sparse solver. Right click the study -> properties -> "Solver" Direct sparse. Also, what is the yield strength of the material? Is that an assembly or a part?


              As per your other question posted, the PCG iterative solver uses a matrix of equations and guesses the answer iteratively until it converges. The error is basically telling you that it is not converging.

              Double edit:

              That is great place to learn more about Cosmos in general.
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                  Christopher Thompson

                  Are you using a shell mesh or solid mesh? With a solid mesh, you could try the h-adaptive setting. If the part is symmetrical, I would make a cut along the CL and use a symmetry constraint.

                  Solving time would probably be faster if you are using a shell mesh. If the part is not modeled as a sheet metal part, you can create mid-surfaces and use those surfaces in the shell mesh.

                  I suspect your problem is either the force is too high (exceeded Yield Strength), or the mesh is not refined enough in the high stress areas. Try using mesh control if necessary. 5000 lbs could exceed the material's yield strength if the walls are too thin, and / or the stress concentration is very high due to no rounds / fillets. If necessary, try using the large displacement setting although it will slow the solving time.


                  Chris Thompson

                • CosmosWorks Error Message
                  David Deyongh
                  I have determined that error was not all the things we were all thinking they could be. It turns out the problem is the loft between the circular and square inlet and outlet flanges. The problem is that I have not been able to have SolidWorks recognize the three bodies as one whole body. What tool should I use to merge solid bodies into one?

                  Thanks for all the previous attempts and any further help.