Rob Edwards

Just discovered something weird.. but cool!  You can use a suppressed feature to trigger rebuild

Discussion created by Rob Edwards on Jan 22, 2019

Not sure how to explain this.


I'm working on profile builder assembly. It's basically a way of setting up different tooling to build up composite profiles.

I need to define a plane which will be used to notch out the edge moulding and I thought it would be cool if it could automatically detect the correct location whatever I throw at it.


It worked fine, but it didn't trigger a rebuild - not even a traffic light - so I added a surface extend and a surface trim to get me back to the original dimensions thus always triggering a rebuild. Now this introduced a second problem in the case that the profile trim had already removed the material the secondary trim was looking for.

The crazy solution was to just suppress the features, works like a charm.


Pretty nuts really.


Don't think I've ever used an equation like this before


video attached