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How can I unfold sheet metal after patterning an extruded cut?

Question asked by Dalia Esmeralda De La Torre Meza on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by Dalia Esmeralda De La Torre Meza

Hello, I´ve been trying to fold back this piece unsuccesfully. It was created with lofted bends.

I patterned an extruded cut as the picture shows and then tried to fold the piece back, but despite making sure it was a "normal cut" and also trying to pattern a hole feature, when using the "fold" command it says it "contains features that can not be unbent". The strange thing is that it folds back correctly if I don´t make the curve driven pattern. I could also make all the cuts inside the same sketch but there are like 300 holes and as far as i know there´s not a way to curve driven pattern elements of a sketch. If anyone has an idea on how to achieve this, it´d be much appreciated.



failed fold.png