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How to insert a block keeping block layers?

Question asked by Sergio Monti on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by Sergio Monti

Hi all, I need help on layers in drawing. I'm not sure I can achieve what I need but I know there are people more clever than me and more familiar with layers on this forum!

I'm working on a drawing in order to make pneumatic schematics.

I have several blocks in the library, each one usually containing lines on layer 'SYMBOL' and notes on layer 'PORT' in the same block.

I'm building the main schematic by sketching on a layer called 'PIPING'.

When I insert the block in the drawing, as the document layer is set to 'PIPING', the block and all the entities in the block will go on the layer 'PIPING'. If I explode the block, the single entities will go to the relevant correct layers 'SYMBOL' and 'PORT', as sketched originally.

The only way I can get what I need is to change the document layer to '-Per Standard-' or '-None-' before inserting the block, then set back the document layer to 'PIPING' and continue the sketch.


Is there a way to insert the block and keep the objects on their layers, without switch forth and back to '-Per Standard-' or '-None-' every time?