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Best Sequence and Resource for Teaching Solidworks (high school)?

Question asked by Michael Roha on Jan 21, 2019
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I teach a Principles of Applied Engineering course at the high school level.  Our district bought Solidworks at the beginning of the school year and we attended a 1 day training back on October.  My grand goal is to teach Solidworks to these students and then use the simulation, flow analysis, electric circuits, etc. features with various projects to include a mechanical/electrical project with 3D printed/Laser cut parts and an electric round-the-pole airplane.  I've looked at what's available and it's a bit overwhelming.  As far as I can tell there are lessons under the Education Curriculum section, MySolidworks, Built-in Solidworks tutorials - written, and Built-in Solidworks tutorials - video.  That's not to mention any YouTube videos. 


Being that this class is not a full time engineering design course, which of these options is the best to get my students up and running with the skills they need?  MySolidworks seems like too much, so I'm leaning toward the Built-in tutorials with possibly some of the curriculum projects.  I saw a 2014 post where someone linked to the CAD Instructor Guide that has lessons that use the built-in tutorials, but I couldn't find it when I logged in.


Thanks in advance!