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Workstation Build - Looking for input

Question asked by Matt Spivey on Mar 20, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2009 by Valentin Leung
I am in the process of building several badly needed Workstations.

In the past we have been getting custom workstations based on the Core2 Quads w/ workstation Graphics.

After doing several weeks of investigating outside of SW forums I seem have found that people with larger assemblies (1k-2k parts) were using and specifying Workstations utilizing Dual Quad Core Xeon (5400series) with server mother boards capable of up to 128gb of ram.

Was hoping to get some Input from guys that have had experience with both or the knowledge of what kind of differences I may see.

Last Workstation from last year specs:

Core2 Quad 2.40ghz 8mb cache
MB - Intel 975XBX2KR ATX
Corsair TwinX pc8500 4gb ram 1066mhz
fx4600 768mb
250gb SATA 3G NCQ

What I am working on is actually a little less expensive:

Dual Xeon Quad Core 2.5ghz 12mb cache 1333mhz FSB (Harpertown)
MB I5400PW FSB 1600/1066/1333
16gb RAM(up to 128mb) 4x4Gb Kingston performance memory ECC FBDIMM (don't have the exact speed..but it's I under stand min is 1/2 the bus speed)
Dual Quadro fx1700 512mb Video (non-SLI)
2X 80gb Baracuda SATA 3G (Raid 0)
(I have checked to make sure all parts are compatible with each other and certified where applicable)

Any input as to why one is better than the other? Maybe one is preferred for specific types of works? Any input is appreciated.