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Enhanced graphics performance bugs (beta feature)

Question asked by Paul Bradshaw on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by Nick Birkett-Smith

So I really want to like this feature as it can significantly improve my workflow. I go from 2-5fps to 150fps when it is turned on (or locked at 60fps with my 3D CAD mouse). I've noticed some serious bugs preventing me from using it:


  • Isolating Parts in an assembly, or isolating bodies in large multibody parts causes solidworks to crash very repeatedly.
    • This a big part of my workflow
  • It otherwise crashes doing other things as well fairly often (like 1-2 times an hour of work). I have not attempted to isolate this issue.
  • Adding appearances causes bodies to look transparent with
    • Hitting Ctrl-Q fixes the problem, but otherwise still annoying


Obviously, with all the crashing, it's not reliable for me to use in my daily workflow.


I am using a P6000 graphics card, win10x64, SW2019SP1 and the latest certified Drivers (I've tried newer drivers too). Nothing seems to help.


Anyone else run into this issue? I am very motivated in helping to solve these bugs in any way I can. I really benefit from the improvements. I can't wait until its stable enough to use daily.