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Exporting Assembly as a 2D .DWG file?

Question asked by Kolton McConkey on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2019 by ömür tokman

Hi guys I've been looking to find an answer to this. So im doing a class project where we are taking one of our projects and making an instruction manual for it in the style of IKEA. Anyways for this project I've been taking some of my SW parts and making them into 2D .DWG file so I can import them into Adobe Illustrator and edit the lines made from my part. I've been able to do this for individual parts and parts that are completely assembled, however I need to do some exploded views and if I save my assembly as a part and then do exploded it just doesn't work. So does anyone have any idea how to do this. I can get the exploded views I want in Assembly but can't export as a 2D .DWG. I've tried using .TIFF file format but it's just not the same since it's more like an image format and can't edit and line segments.