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SOLIDWORKS 2020 Preview at SWW 2019 in Dallas

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by S. Casale

The General Session, in the third day of SOLIDWORKS World, contains the "DO-NOT-MISS" section where teasers showing enhancements in the next version of the software are presented.


Making abstraction of the voting going on the Top Ten List for this year, what do you realistically think they will show this year? I am not talking about what we wish to be seen, but more like predicting what will be shown.


Disclaimer: I do not have any inside information about SW 2020 development.



Here are 10 predictions in regards to Large Assemblies and Large Drawings functionality:


1. We will see a significant performance increase in drawings performance. When opening a drawing of a large assembly, the user will be able to start detailing it in seconds. The loading of the model and update of the drawing views will be done in background by parallel threads.


2. There will be more options for using graphics data for components of large assemblies. We will be able to set a component to three states: Resolved, Lightweight and Graphics, regardless of how the assembly was opened. There will be more mates that would work with graphics components.


3. Selection sets will become much more useful. When components of a selection set are suppressed, we will still be able to apply commands to them.


4. There will be new (and extremely useful) new filters added. Users will be able to filter parts or assembly components, cut-list items or assembly origins.


5. We will be able to dimension between all faces or edges of SpeedPak components.


6. We will be able to create details of section views involving SpeedPak components.


7. We will get hybrid drawing views that would enable the computation of some models in high quality and others in draft quality. This way, we will be able to finally use SpeedPak components in drawings.


8. The absurd limitations on the Assembly Visualization tool will be lifted. When right clicking on a component in the AV list, you will get two more options: Roll-Down-To and Roll-Up-To. This way the users will be able to isolate groups of components with common values based on any criterion in seconds, regardless how large the assembly is. Moving the top and bottom bars is very cumbersome now.


9. Zonal section views will be usable in drawing views!


10. 3D Views will become available in SOLIDWORKS Standard.