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Rendering Failure & Performance Inconsistency

Question asked by Justin Dailey on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by Ron Bates

I've spent days trying to get my animation project to render. I keep getting "background render failed" message at frame #4. I was trying to render at 4k 60fps 300dpi on realistic setting. I've tried the following including combinations without success:

  • Lowering resolution, frame rate, and dpi
  • Clearing temp directory
  • CPU only & GPU only settings
  • One GPU installed
  • Closing all other programs
  • Different file locations (completely different drives)
  • Updating to 2019 SP1
  • Re-creating animation in 2018
  • Running on a different PC
  • And more that I can't think of right now


My PC:

1950X TR CPU

64GB System Ram

RTX 2080ti + 2X GTX 1080FE's

Other PC:

7700K CPU

32GB System Ram

Quadro P4000


Both are running Samsung nvme pice SSD's; temperatures are fine


My project is 2.5M polygons and file size is just over 100MB. It takes 10 mins to open and 15-20 mins to start an animation render. The animation is 30 seconds long.


The only thing that has not completely failed is lowering setting to "fast". However, it starts fast and then slows way down and has sped up once and then slowed down again. The lower I set my other settings, it seems to render fast for longer.


Visualize Data Log.jpg


  • What are the major factors of file size?
  • Why does visualize run so slow on a seemingly fast computer?
  • What can cause "background render failed" error?
  • Why does the CPU & GPU usage go up and down?
  • Any other ideas to try? Or are my expectations out of line and there's no way this should work in the first place?
  • Who do I invoice my time to?