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Big Shout out to AHK Wizard Kevin Chandler for the AutoHotKey script..




I got caught out as the list was taken down at 7pm.. but here is the first 201 ideas from 31 Jan and a complete collection from 30 Jan

Dropbox - SW TTL 2019 - Simplify your life





I managed to get a few hours when the broadband behaved and printed them all to pdf.


I may be able to get another copy closer to the deadline.. but this is what I have for now.

We Transfer Link below .. expires in 7 days.


I had looked at a random sample of ten or so and they seem to be ok. Unfortunately the file names have been truncated.

and as I was logged in it shows how I voted.


If you would like the script to download your own just ask. It should also be possible to download as html instead of pdf