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Trouble with trailing zeroes on BOM in SW2018 sp5

Question asked by Greg Marz on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by Solid Air

I am using the bounding box to get all my sizes for the bill of material.

I have set up drawing a with the BOM to read the file properties of the bounding box

and fill in all the information. My problem is I can not get the BOM table to show the

trailing zeroes no matter what I set. I go into options and set every spot that asked about

trailing zeroes to show them. I do this in the BOM drawing and the part models.


Now here is the odd thing. I have found that if I am in the BOM drawing, then I right click

and open the part from the BOM line. Once I am in the part file. If I measure the distance

of any 2 planes then close the measure window. Change windows back to the BOM drawing

The trailing zeroes are now shown correctly for that 1 item. Only bad thing is if I save the

BOM drawing and close the software then restart and open the BOM drawing all the trailing zeroes

are gone again.


Is anyone else seeing this ?????? If so do you have a fix?