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Unwanted characters/word in PDM Variable

Question asked by Tommy Kowalczyk on Jan 17, 2019

I have been using PDM software for a little while. I had noticed that there are unwanted words/characters in a variable of the title block. This is something that started some time back. Initially, this problem did not exist. For whatever reason, it's there now. I've tried editing/revising the drawing template(s), with no success!


I had a generic term "DESCRIPTION" in the title block as a place holder. I then RMB-clicked to "Edit Sheet Format". I then updated the variable and "Link to property". I then selected the variable name ("Title") as the "Property Name". After exiting the "Edit Sheet Format", I update the "Title" on the Data Card and refresh the drawing, only to have the "Title" contain the original word "DESCRIPTION" along with the wanted title, in this case, "TEST, TEST, TEST".




Why does it keep pulling in the original word "DESCRIPTION" which is only placed there as a "holder" (Format, location, etc.)?? This only happens with this one variable. All of the others update properly, without any issues.


Thank you.