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Magnetic line behavior

Question asked by Patricia Gonçalves on Jan 17, 2019
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I'm new when it comes to working with Composer, and I've recently started to try to figure out how to work with the Magnetic Line tool.

When googling about it, I came across a video on YouTube that shows the creation of a magnetic line. In the video, the user shows that you are able to draw the magnetic line sketch right through some callouts, and those callouts will automatically snap on to the magnetic line. But then I noticed that that particular video was for SolidWorks, not for SolidWorks Composer, since I tried that in Composer and it does not work that way (at least I was not able to replicate what I saw in the video...)

It this normal behavior in Composer, or should the creation of magnetic lines be the same as in SolidWorks?


Below is the link to the video I mentioned above, so you can understand what I mean.

SolidWorks: Magnetic Lines for Balloons - YouTube