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Welded Corner

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Jan 16, 2019
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So why does Sheet metal Welded corner only work in certain circumstances?

I have a part that I want the corners closed within .0625", corner to corner with an open bend region, to give the welder a closer butt joint to weld (it has to be like this so the drawing \ flat pattern is correct). The Sheet Metal weld corner doesn't work when the flange is not colinear to the opposing flange. However, if I remove the closed corner it lays the weld in just fine (now the drawing \ flat pattern incorrect). None of that makes sense to me, because in the real world this very doable operation.


Closed Corner, Weld corner will not work:

Welded Corner, minus the closed corner.

Example file: Closed corner with a welded corner.


Does anyone have a good answer as to why SW does not allow this functionality?