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Library feature orientation to a line

Question asked by Greg Nuspel on Jan 16, 2019

I am drawing up a library feature for a pocket with a tapped hole in it for a clamp. The problem I am having is getting the feature placement on the correct side of the line.

Feature Orientation.PNG

To orientate the part the one line is used to align with the edge to be clamped, the second line perpendicular to it is for the center of the pocket. As you can see the pocket on the right orientates correctly, while the one on the left is on the side of the line opposite of the centerline. The best would be if I could add a mouse click that indicates which side of the line I want the pocket.

I have attached the library feature file, please note I have just been working with the 'Wide Blind' pocket at this time so the other versions will have errors since I have been doing a bunch of restraint edits.