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    Horizontal points

    John Sutherland
      I have discovered that some of the points in my sketch have horizontal or vertical relations.

      This makes no sense to me.

      Deleting the relation breaks the sketch definition.

      What relation could I substitute for the H & V?

        • Horizontal points
          Matt Lombard
          If a point has a vertical relation, it is vertical in relation to some other point. A point itself cannot be simply "vertical".

          Why would you want to substitute anything for these relations? Can you show a screenshot or attach a part file?
          • Horizontal points
            Kevin De Smet
            I can understand it can be somewhat confusing at first, but hover your mouse over the relation in question, and SolidWorks should highlight both the point and the other entity that that point lay horizontal or vertical with.

            It can be useful for keeping clarity in your sketches so there aren't as many construction lines.

            Though sometimes you will still want to make construction lines, if for example, other people will be working on your model and you want to make it clear (when they look at your sketches) that certain entities need to be aligned.