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Odd Browser Tree Expansion

Question asked by Matt Juric on Jan 16, 2019

Can someone do a sanity check for me. This is an issue that has been driving me nuts for a long time and just today I figured out the sequence of what is going on. This, I think, has been happening on multiple machines with 2016-2018.


1)Open an Assy that has many parts, enough to have a few pages of collapsed parts in the browser tree.

2) Collapse the entire tree

3) Suppress a part towards the top of the tree

4)unsupress the same part. For the issue to happen you must not unsupress the part while the top level is visible in the browser tree

5) DO NOT click/highlight the part

6) Expand the part


For me it scrolls the entire browser until the last item is shown in the browser and highlights the top part on that page. I then end up scrolling back up thru the entire browser to find the part. This becomes more of a challenge when you have 15-20 parts expanded and you then have to search thru a ton of pages to find the part you are looking for. This appears to also happen when you do highlight the part but most certainly happens when you do not highlight the part. It does not happen when top level is showing but it does end up highlighting the top level. Is this a setting I can change or a glitch that I would so very much like to be fixed.


Browser must look like this...

Not this