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How do you handle standard cables in PDM with multiple products?

Question asked by Martin Houston on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by Lars Uhlenhaut

Hi All.

We are about to start using PDM in our Engineering department after years of contemplation and procrastination. I'm trying to plan out how we will handle the various flat flex cables (similar to ribbon cable) that we use in our products. We have a part number for each cable which we procure separate from our boards. I want to represent each cable in its respective product, obviously with a different routing. I get the feeling that using different configurations is the way to do it but i think this will only work if the cables exist at the top level of the BOM (so it doesn't cause a problem across multiple products). I haven't used Soldiworks electrical routing before but i imagine my life should be easier if i do. Has anyone any advice on how to handle all of this?