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3D Sketch of Chassis Overconstraining

Question asked by Toby Harvey on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by Toby Harvey

Looking for some advice. I'm playing with weldments (which is confusing enough) and trying to figure out how to "properly" 3D sketch, since it seems insanely easy to over constrain lines versus normal 2D sketches. I've run into this weird case that I'm stumped by, and maybe someone can explain if I should dimension differently or do/don't add certain relations, etc. In the following picture the sketch seems to be fully defined (I hid the dimensions) and then I can draw a random line anywhere at all and now the whole sketch is overconstrained? What am I missing here that would make a line connected/related to nothing disrupt the entire sketch? This is in SW2017.