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Porosity Numbers

Question asked by Phil Pisczak on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by Phil Pisczak

I've been using a Brand X CFD for awhile.  We recently picked up SW of which I have a decent amount of experience in most of their Simulation packages, but not Flow Simulation.  I am validating the software on one of our products.  This product uses three (3) different types of porous media.  Now my question:


'The porosity value, is it more porous if the value goes up or down'?


This, at this time is only a rough concept (there are no porosity numbers to use, so I need to make them up) to demonstrate the capability of the Flow Simulation to Upper Management.  We have plenty of other, more straightforward applications with our products and assemblies.  But if this one works, and I think it will, then we expand our use and application.


Btw, my first use of this package gives me a very positive impression.  Pretty powerful and we'd like to use it more.  Tx for any and all help!