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Avoid Areas: For Clamps or for Tabs?

Question asked by Robert Futch on Jan 15, 2019

I watched the training video here on how to use Avoid Areas to prevent machining your clamps:

Define Avoid Areas | MySolidWorks Training


I also saw the video here to use Avoid Areas to make tabs:


The problem I ran into is that the avoid area does not apply to travel moves:



Here you can see my tool travel right through an avoid area that has been setup to around the center of this hinge (yes, the avoid area is set to be a volume and it is pointed in the right direction).


The SolidWorks video is confusing in that they say you can avoid machining your clamps, but that won't stop it from crashing into your clamp during a travel. So far I have been setting my travel plane very high above my cutting surface to jump over the hinge. Is there a better way to avoid travel crashes without doing that, or is this a bug in the Avoid Area function?