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How to model curved bracket

Question asked by David Wiberg on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by David Wiberg

As part of a course I'm trying to model a lamp. One part which I'm struggling with is the fastening bracket which is screwed onto the lamp screen and attaches it to the arm of the lamp.

I started from the arm side of the fastening pin and ended up with something according to below:

My next planned step was to bend the base of the part,. using a radius from the lamp screen in the assembly to get a snug fit. I have tried messing around a bit with the flex feature using bending as operation but I'm unable to get my wanted result. Attached is what I got so far.


I also tried creating a bent sheet metal part, but using that approach I don't know how to merge the cylinder with the plate. (I guess "mashing" the cylinder into the plate and then using combine might work but it doesn't seem like a "clean" solution as it wouldn't be robust to changes in parameters, e.g. bend radius)


I would appreciate a suggestion regarding how to approach this problem.


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