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Parts in Assembly Disappear

Question asked by Gabe McGinn on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by Rick McDonald

I am having a lot of issues with parts disappearing in assemblies. They are not hidden and they are not suppressed.


Yesterday I saved a complete working assembly, this morning I opened and parts were missing. Other times I had an angle mate set from 0-72 degrees, when I opened the file now the angle was opening the opposite direction.


Today I completely lost a part. I had saved the assembly yesterday, opened it today the parts were missing but when I tried to open the parts (saved in 3 separate locations because this has become such a problem) that were missing I got an error message stating Solidworks could not open files contact technical support. I got lucky that even though Solidworks couldn't open them, there was another assembly that they were still intact. So I open the individual parts and pack and go them in 2 different spots both with all different names.


Even worse is they will disappear now, open the file weeks later and they randomly reappear. So they disappear you replace them with new files, and then they will randomly return, and the only way you know is screws up all your mates. So you remove the replacement part, or move it, and low and behold the original part is underneath.


I don't have many files to show, because 1. This is a work project that I shouldn't be showing. 2. This is the only file with an example of the invisible parts I have right now. I usually have to fix them all immediately. This model I already fixed this morning and is working in some assemblies, but in this one it was jacked up in a different way, than the one this morning.


When I was in school I never had an issue at all. I am the only Solidworks person here at work and this is driving me nuts. I keep thinking my company got some cheap, junk version of Solidworks.


I will add these parts are used over and over again in multiple assemblies. We produce a lot of the same product that uses the same parts and assemblies. If I copy an assembly for a new one I usually Pack and Go them with a new file name. Sometimes I will change every file name of every part in the assembly when I pack and go, so each part is only for that assembly. Sometimes I don't, because it shouldn't matter if I use the same part over and over again in different assemblies as long as the assemblies have different file names. Maybe I am wrong? It just doesn't seem like you should have to rename hundreds of parts (in pack and go) everytime you copy an assembly to make a new similar one.


My job pretty much is copying existing assemblies I have made, to make new assemblies that may change dimensions. Like a cabinet for instance. If you design one cabinet, you should be able to pack and go that as cabinet 2, change the dimensions for what ever job comes up. I am not sure if this causing the issue, but it isn't time efficient to model every single cabinet for every single job.


Any help with this I would appreciate. I am really tired of fixing assemblies that were stable and worked when I saved them. Then when I open the again they are blown apart, or parts missing.


Just in case the files open properly for you. This is what it should look like and what I am seeing, even my build tree parts disappear. Again these parts are not hidden or suppressed, and I can try to select them on the scree, they don't highlight. They are just gone, until they decide to randomly reappear.


What it should look like


Here you can see the parts missing, build tree shows, "Hinge Stand Off"


When I open the "Hinge Standoff" this is what I see.


This what the hinge standoff should look like. I saved this one luckily this morning. I would replace them all with this one, but like I said

it will eventually return and blow up all my mates. I just quickly save this one and wasn't worried about file names. I just pack and go'ed to save it

in a different location.