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Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Jan 15, 2019
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I'm finding a lot of general flakiness using visualize 2016 sp1 with solidworks 2016SP5 and functionality that soesnt seem to work properly. It is pretty osuicure what is not available in std compared to the cost added product and sadly the help files are a failure in clarifying if the package has a function disabled or if it isnt working when it should


Problems I've got so far:

I linked my imported model so that it should update to reflect changes in solidworks.

The geometry does update.

The Solidworks orientation sticks to what the first import was and doesn't update (I had to delete it and import it again from scratch).

Changes to appearances of parts sometimes update, and sometimes don't. For example, I changes the texture to be rougher on my box and my lid, but only box changed in Visualize, and the lid didn't. So it looks like that linking of appearances from solidworks is not reliable and works for some assembly parts but not others. Again a case of deleteing the model and importing it again, which isnt so bad as long as all the material and finish fiddling is done in Solidworks.


Now i only have probably a dozen materials/finishes that I'm likely to work with, so I most definitely want to define all my finishes in Solidworks and not be fiddling about in with them in visualize. so for me that functionality needs to work 100%.


Logos in solidworks 2016 are linked to photoview 360 according to the help. So I created my label and applied it in Visualise. Despite my png picture file being exactly the right size for my label recess is appears on the model smaller by a random amount, and at a random jaunty angle making positioning very time consuming. Is there not an align with edge function of some sort? scale to fill surface? is that asking too much?

My label has radiused corners (as does my label recess). It sort of works by burying the corners into the housing so they are not visible, but is there a way to have a decal with a particular outline shape?

Chould I just do the decal on the part like I would for photoview 360 and expect it to be there in Visualize?


Orientation of the model compared to scene floor in solidworks visualize doesn't seem to be related in visualize. Which is sad. I have to preposition my model compared to the scene in Visualize.

That re positioning seems to be a nightmare - either it just doesn't work or it is only possible to shift it in 90 degree increments? I did manage to get a sug 90 degree movement preview box round my assembly once, but then I couldn't actually get it to move. It may be that movement of the model in the scene is crippled in Visualise std, like re positioning and adding lights is. I've not found out what is disabled in std compared to the cost added product - some things are grayed and then I find out how to switch them on....other things like adding lights are grey because they are disabled (no clues given though).


No Visualize add in inside solidworks at 2016? is that right or am I missing something?


Rendering was working ok, I've done maybe 20 renders today. when you accidentally leave a render going in the background, and you start another is there not a way to kill the background one? it seems not. So I've restarted the package a few times because of that.

However now rendering has stopped working. I've got a black screen and it says its calculating, pas 0 Res 1200x960. I've restarted and reloaded my project and it has done this again over and over. It is using variable CPU and memory in task manager but not getting anywhere (no image at all still black after all the time typing this post) . I will try a system reboot.

Is that a common issue? does it just tie itself in knots and stop working from time to time?


I would very much appreciate some comments about how this all might be improved by the time I upgrade to 2018!

I am forbidden by corporate policy to upgrade from 2016 for a month or two until all our new products launches are complete for a show middle of the year. We simply cannot have any system down time....


So far I see a potential to get to a realistic render much more easily with this compared to photoview360, but sadly I might have to go back and use photoview 360 to get my renders out of the door, because the stability and broken functionality might be just to bad to make 2016 of actual practical use.


No place for Visualize on this Forum, so I post this in photoview360 area...