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Editing of multiple blocks in the same drawing?

Question asked by Raivis Ositis on Jan 15, 2019
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My issue is the following:

I want to use a custom block from the Design Library in a drawing.

But when editing its text, all the copies the library one, also change.


This didn’t happen in the original block I used, before making customizations to it.

(Here is the link to the original file; it’s the second last


Here is the block from the link, used in a drawing.

Changing the text in both copies works, while the original block is not affected at all.

Additionally, the Blocks tree automatically made two separate blocks from this design library block.




However this does not work with my custom block, all the copies change when editing one.

Also, when inserting my block from the library, it makes only one mention in the tree, which includes all the block copies in it.




I really want to find out how the downloaded block was differs from mine...

Mine is basically useless, there are so many custom chamfer/radius types we use, I would need to make too many separate blocks, instead of just using two editable ones for inner and outer.


Any help would be appreciated!