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Dimension Equation

Question asked by Baljinder Shahi on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by Vladimir Urazhdin

So i am working on a tooth profile, where i need to control a dimension, i have design table for all other dimensions but at some point when design table gives larger values for Wf the sketch fails. so according to theory the wf should never exceed the max Wf whose formula is in the excel file attached.



i cannot put this formula in design table itself because Max wf is a drived dimension obtained after generation of whole tooth profile so now i am trying to drive wf with the equation but for some reason its not working

my equation looks like = if(0.01 * "p@Sketch1" * "Nt@CirPattern1">="D2@Sketch1","D2@Sketch1",0.01 * "p@Sketch1" * "Nt@CirPattern1")

p@sketch1 is pitch, nt@cirpattern is number of iterations in circular pattern in the next feature
can somebody help me what i am doing wrong. also i cannot post original solidworks design. but attached is the screenshot