Jerome De San Nicolás

How do you manage different material for a single part ?

Discussion created by Jerome De San Nicolás on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by Richard Gergely


I wonder how do you mange material in PDM and ERP especially the same part (geometry) with several materials.


Right now we are using configurations to do that, here is an exemple :


in PDM we have a part (call PART) with 2 configurations (steel and copper) and in the ERP we have 2 articles PART1 (for steel) and PART2 (for copper).

the pros :     when we change the PART geometry and making a new revision, all of the articles in the ERP are updated !

the cons :    we cannot have multiple workflow state for a single part, for exemple : PART in copper is "OK for production" and PART in steel is "Do not use!"



Have you guys found better way to do this ?