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Need help converting .STL to .STP

Question asked by Jack Ulstad on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by Jack Ulstad

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to convert an .STL file to a .STP  so I can then import it into Solidworks. The main problem I'm having is the .STL file was generated off of a grinding simulation program, and it's quite large & has an incredible amount of facets (as shown in attached image), so it takes forever to generate a .STP file from it and then bring it into Solidworks. And then once I do finally get it into SW, there's many imperfections, especially along the edges. Bringing it in as a mesh file will not work because my main purpose of working with this file is to generate 2D drawing specifications. I've tried using MeshLab to clean up the file, but haven't found the right tool that works well enough to heal it completely (as there is an overwhelming ways to filter the file in MeshLab). The attached .STL is my best effort thus far, which brought it from the original 52mb down to 19mb, and it still has many imperfections. Btw, the reason for trying to work with this .STL file rather than creating a part file from scratch is we want to try and come up with a method of doing this on multiple cutter designs being provided to us by our vendor, by using what their grinding simulation program provides us.


Any suggestions?


Thank you in advance,