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[Updated] Utility to click green OK check [or red X Cancel] by keyboard/mouse (Ctrl+RMB/[Alt+RMB]) w/o moving to OK or selecting menu OK

Discussion created by Kevin Chandler on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by Ryan Feeley

Updated 02/24/2019: Added "AltRButton-Escape.exe". Same concept as Ctrl+RMB, except hold down the Alt key instead when you RMB and you'll get an Escape.

This utility was kept separate from "CtrlRButton-Enter.exe" so you can choose to run either (or both) and it has its own icon:

Other than pressing the Alt key and getting an Escape, its the same operation as "CtrlRButton-Enter.exe".



Updated 02/19/2019: Added custom icon instead of the standard green H icon: for easier recognition. No other changes.




Although this available in mouse gestures, I don't believe you can add an "OK" as a keyboard shortcut.


While running this utility, press Ctrl and the right mouse button (RMB) to send an Enter (for SW or for anything else that needs an Enter at the moment).


It works regardless of the cursor's current position in SW: on the title bar, on a toolbar, cmd manager. Anywhere.

It even works when you're hovering over the Windows taskbar.


It works with either Ctrl key, so which mouse hand you use shouldn't matter.


In Windows, Ctrl+RMB is the same as an RMB so you don't "lose" a menu with this utility running (unless something else is mapped to this Ctrl+RMB combination).

This is the principal reason I selected Ctrl+RMB as it's the same as RMB menu-wise.


When a green check is required, it also shows in the RMB menu, but with this utility, you don't have to locate it and then click it (although you still can, if you wish).


"CtrlRButton-Enter.exe" is in the attached zip file.


Right-click its custom green "H" icon in the lower right corner of your TV and select "Suspend Hotkeys" to disable this w/o closing it.

When suspended the custom icon green "H" is a green "S".

Click "Exit" to close this utility. Pause doesn't do anything, so don't bother selecting it.


I hope you find this useful.