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Moving a part in an animation, applies it to the whole duration of the animation?

Question asked by Kristina Smith on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by Kristina Smith

Good morning. Our company just purchased Visualize Pro 2019, and I am completely new to it outside of watching a bunch of videos. I have watched all of the Solidworks Visualize training videos, most relevant to this probably being the Basics of Animation | MySolidWorks Training video, and I cannot figure out what I'm doing incorrectly compared to that video.


Let's say I have a 10-second animation. For seconds 1 through 5, I want the model to be fully assembled. For seconds 6 through 10, I want one part to lift up out of the assembly.


I have some keyframes for seconds 1-5 set up to rotate around the assembly. Those worked without issue. For the keyframe at the 10-second mark, I select the particular part and move it to where I want it. However, now for the entire 10 seconds, the moved part is in its end position instead of animating.


So here's where I want the part to start:

down position.jpg


Here's where I want it to end:

up position.jpg


And here's what ends up happening, where it is now in the up position no matter where in the animation timeline I am. This is right at the start:

up position at start.jpg


I'm obviously doing something wrong. I just can't figure out what.