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    Moving a part in an animation, applies it to the whole duration of the animation?

    Kristina Smith

      Good morning. Our company just purchased Visualize Pro 2019, and I am completely new to it outside of watching a bunch of videos. I have watched all of the Solidworks Visualize training videos, most relevant to this probably being the Basics of Animation | MySolidWorks Training video, and I cannot figure out what I'm doing incorrectly compared to that video.


      Let's say I have a 10-second animation. For seconds 1 through 5, I want the model to be fully assembled. For seconds 6 through 10, I want one part to lift up out of the assembly.


      I have some keyframes for seconds 1-5 set up to rotate around the assembly. Those worked without issue. For the keyframe at the 10-second mark, I select the particular part and move it to where I want it. However, now for the entire 10 seconds, the moved part is in its end position instead of animating.


      So here's where I want the part to start:

      down position.jpg


      Here's where I want it to end:

      up position.jpg


      And here's what ends up happening, where it is now in the up position no matter where in the animation timeline I am. This is right at the start:

      up position at start.jpg


      I'm obviously doing something wrong. I just can't figure out what.