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Yet another: Copied Blocks in Drawing dis-colored/ grayed out question

Question asked by Don Hill on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by Simon Hammond

I've seen several discussion and no solutions, so maybe I'm missing one. But I've dealt with this before, a copy of a block will show up in gray. Solution to this has always been to simply explode the copied blocks to get back to a standard line color. This seems dumb. I'm having to work on a drawing now that is going to have a whole lot of copied blocks. (yes, it has to be a SW drawing because reasons) They currently come in gray:


And the icing on the cake? They show up bright red when saving as a pdf.

I know I can insert a new block for each symbol and they'll remain black.

I know I could be using another 2D editor program to make my life easier.

While I'm curious as to why any user would want this or why SW would think this is a feature anyone would want. I'd really just like to know if there is a setting somewhere I am missing or a checkbox "Turn copied Blocks gray for some reason" ?


SW 2017 SP5

Windows 10