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Is it possible to have same component tag in one project?

Question asked by Gert Truu on Jan 15, 2019
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Why I cant have the same component tag in different locations?




If I have main function for example: "Main enclosure"

And I have location: "+24V devices"

And component main PLC: "A0"


It would generate formula for example: =L1+001-A0


Now I have second enclosure and I cannot use A0 anymore but it is totaly different location

Formula would be: =L2+001-A0. It is same for solidworks as =L1+001-A0 but its different function.


Why solidworks only reconize component tag not a full formula for the component?

Case is that I downt want to have button S100 in my project. If I have to add a button witch should be indexed S5 then I need to renumber all the buttons witch should generate probably so many errors. Its would be better if every location numbering starts with S1 again.