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    Best way to introduce a development workflow into production?

    Robert Pickeral

      I've developed a workflow in the production vault. The workflow uses it's own serial counter, template and folder. I'll need to change the serial counter now that I've completed testing and I'm ready to get this into Production - in the existing Production folder too. I'm trying to figure out the best method to do so.


      I know I can't simply open the workflow, copy/paste and viola! LOL. I need to change the serial counter to the same one in Production. Obviously do these changes after hours, when no one is using the Production items. Any other suggestions? Thank you!

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          Nadia Shea

          Is it a workflow that is like a pre loop to what the current workflow is doing?

          In that case, workflow links might be a good solution. Make it the default workflow for the category arguments and let files naturally use it as needed.


          If it’s replacing a one state or super simple workflow...

          Workflow links again. Push all the files from the current workflow into new one and obsolete the old one.


          More than likely, it’s just a variant of the new one.

          This is harder but won’t have a obsolete workflow hanging around for the life of the vault. That is to simply reconfigure the existing workflow to match the new one. It’s more challenging and needs some testing but shouldn’t be so hard as you did the heavy lifting developing the new workflow.


          Whatever you do, inform and educate your user base so they can help you catch any transition ’boogers’.