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    Chamfer between face and perpendicular edge?

    Tom Gagnon

      I think that what I'm after is not valid with current feature abilities, but I'm wondering if there is an option I'm missing. Ref install 2018 SP5.


      I have tank leg angle pieces with a mitered taper cut at the end in my design.


      I'd like to create a chamfer between a end face and the perpendicular edge of a weldment body.


      Since I couldn't make a chamfer, I created a reference plane, sketch, and extruded cut to the body to achieve desired result:



      Can a chamfer create this feature, or is that just not how chamfer works, because it is not along an edge as a normal chamfer would?

      There are automatic weldment trim tools at joints available, but this is at an endpoint, not a joint with another weldment body to trim to.

      I am wondering if there is a single-feature way to make this, or does it require plane, sketch, cut features due to geometry?