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Custom Properties from model not showing in Property Name drop down

Question asked by Jeremy Jacobs on Jan 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by Jeremy Jacobs

I've made tons of drawings. Even created bunch of templates so I'm familiar with the set up. For whatever reason, all of a sudden my drawing template will not recognize the custom properties from the model anymore. I made a few edits to the title block this morning. Saved it. Brought in our dummy part that has all the custom properties filled out to make sure the title block works. Now the drawing will not recognize the custom properties from the model. You can't re-link them. See the image below..

There should be 21 properties that show up and nothing (ignore the SW- names). It doesn't matter what part I pull in, the drawing will not recognize the properties. Sometimes it will not recognize the part at all. Meaning the model name will not show up in the 'selection' box. I don't know what I did that caused this. It's not the part. I've brought in production parts and I get the same results.


Any ideas?