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How to assign correct vendor part number to a variable length part?

Question asked by Toft Bill on Jan 14, 2019
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At the simplest level, I have an assembly with 2 vertical Post parts (3" wide) and 12' apart (at center).

I then add a horizontal Header part between them. It is a purchased part and comes in 1' increments, with a unique Vendor Part Number (VPN) for each Stock Length.

I set up the Header part file to have a Configuration for each Stock Length (12', 11', 10', 9', 8', etc.). I added a configuration-specific custom property (VPN) and entered the corresponding Vendor Part Number for each length.

The Header's Cut-Length was set to be a global variable = Stock-Length - 3"


The original design intent was to sell this assembly in a fixed set of widths (12, 11,10, 9 and 8), so my assembly had a separate configuration for those 5 sizes.

The new design intent is to allow ANY width to be ordered (1' to 12'), so I went with the Skeleton Sketch Part (SSP) design. This part has 1 sketch on front plane that is a rectangle with Project Height and Project Width driven by global variables.


The new design assembly uses the SSP to position the 2 Posts. I then mate the Header part to the right face of the left Post.

Finally I use an Assembly Cut feature to use a non-dimensioned sketch to cut the right side of the Header to match the left face of the right Post.

To avoid errors in the assembly cut feature, I am using the longest (12') Header configuration as the default.

I have set up a global variable (using measurement) for the Cut-Length (say 8'-2"). I then calculate Order-Length by rounding up (to 9').

I have set up a SW Part-Number = Profile-Name + Order-Length ("HEADER-09")

Finally I set up an Excel spreadsheet with 2 columns (SW-Part-Number and VPN) with one row for each Stock Length.



What is the best way to show the correct Vendor Part Number in the BOM?

1. The manual method is for me to select the correct Header Stock Length Configuration in the assembly. This brings up the part's matching VPN in the BOM..

2. The automated method would be to always use 12' as the Header Stock Length Configuration, then "somehow" use the calculated SW-Part-Number to do a lookup in the Excel file to get the correct VPN. Can this be done in the drawing BOM table?

Note that the assembly also includes other parts (like brackets & fasteners) that only come in one size, so only have one VPN.


All ideas & suggestions welcomed!