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I need to fix my model somehow

Question asked by Varun Sharma on Jan 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by Varun Sharma

hi guys, so I was sending off a model today it is a full assembly with many parts nothing too crazy. I converted it to a .stp file and uploaded it. Then I went back to my original model and made a few edits that are really hard to fix. So the .stp file that i uploaded was the last version I have that was where my model was in good standing but the thing is I cant access my parts in the .stp file and I am trying to convert it back to the original part file assembly but I was told that it is not possible to go back from .stp to the original solid works part assembly file format where I can fully edit and work on my assembly.


Is there a way? or am i doomed? either way I started to backup my solidworks files now but I still need to fix this issue somehow.