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Building on a $1200 budget?

Discussion created by James Andrew on Jan 12, 2019
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Hey all. Recently a friend of mine asked me to help her build a PC as I have done so several times in the past for gaming. Though I may know what is good for optimizing a video game, I cannot say the same about SolidWorks in which she has gotten heavily into as of late. In my senior year of college I had to use SWs for one of my classes and it ran like a it had no legs on my powerhouse of a gaming rig. I have no idea why as it "worked" on the desktops at school. Not well mind you but got the job done. To save myself a headache I just did all of my SWs work on campus. To help her pick parts I have been doing research all morning and I have come across a little information on the dos and do not of building a rig to suit SWs which include: Preferring Intel over AMD, going for a NVIDIA GPU, 16 gigs of ram preferred, and that the less cores on the CPU the better.


I was just wondering if there was anything else I needed to know before starting to look at parts with her? It's been really hard to find research on this as the only other forum examples I could find are years old and every source on the net is all about maximization for gaming. Some have me confused as some rigs online stated to be for SWs and other CAD programs are reaching ridiculous prices, especially for a college student and I fear like it is true and the PCs on campus just look like junk. Honestly if any of you know of just some "Go-To" for 2018-2019 PC builds for SolidWorks I would love you forever.


Thank you in advance for any advice.