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    Paste image to doc file through docx=>pdf convertation

    Alexander Matuzov

      Hello guys. We had tasks to automatically add manager signature for approved documents. We often write orders to communicate with other departments. After we starting use PDM we began saving our orders in PDM. We make @simple Workflow, where 3 states: Start, Deleted and Approved. An engineer writes text for order save this doc then print it and give it to the manager for approving by signature. After that order is approving in PDM. This action`s a little bit annoying and we make changes to standard task convert doc to pdf:

              Dim imageFullPath As String
              Dim FindText As String
              Dim objDoc, objRange As Object
              imageFullPath = "D:\PDM\Library PDM\Sign.png"
              FindText = "Manager sign"
              objDoc = wordApp.ActiveDocument
              objRange = wordApp.ActiveDocument.Range
              With objRange
                  With .Find
                      .Text = FindText
                      ' Loop until Word can no longer
                      ' find the search string, inserting the specified image at each location
                      Do While .Execute
                          objRange.Move(Unit:=1, Count:=15)
                          objRange.InlineShapes.AddPicture(FileName:=imageFullPath, LinkToFile:=False, SaveWithDocument:=True)
                  End With
              End With


      This code takes a PNG picture from PDM with the scanned signature. And before make PDF inserts it to DOC file after word: "Manager sign". This code should be pasted after line 122:

              'Log("Open document")
              Dim docPath As Object = ""
              docPath = Path.Combine("<SourceFolderPath>", "<SourceFileName>")
              If IsProtected(docPath) Then
                  Log("The document " & docPath & " is protected, it cannot be handled by the addin.")
                  Return False
              End If
              Dim doc As Object = wordApp.Documents.Open(docPath)


      Past here