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    Trying to simulate and capture the vibrational amplitude/ acceleration (in three direction X, Y & Z)

    Md Sobug Mia


      I am trying to simulate/capture the vibrational amplitude/ acceleration (in three direction X, Y & Z) in an assembly consists with 3 Ball bearings, 3 bearing housings (will be fixed on a plane), 1 Shaft, & 2 Weights (attached on the shaft). What I am expecting that, I will keep fixed the bearing housing carrying bearings with shaft inside. The shaft will carry 2-disc weights (will have centrifugal force due to rotation of the shaft) and rotate in different RPM like 100, 120, 140, 400 RPM etc.

      I will apply different RPM on the shaft and see what is the changes in acceleration on the top point of the bearing housing. Also interested to see how behave the system due to different RPM with the same load?


      I am new in simulation and don’t know to do that? Can anyone help me to measure he acceleration in 3 direction? The top surface of the bearing housing will be the point of measurement of acceleration. I have attached the arrangement.


      I have attached the dropbox link of the design here…………….



      Thanks in advance.