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Drawing Views not showing/resolving to part's extruded d1@xxxxxx when using Drawing Reference Configurations

Question asked by Hal Seltzer on Jan 12, 2019

I have not been able to get a drawing's sheet and its Drawing Views to showing/resolving a part's extruded d1@xxxxxx when using Drawing Reference Configurations.


My parent assembly has one sub-assembly and 3 derived configurations.


The sub-assembly has a part that have 3 configurations, each configuration is a variation of the extrude's length or d1@xxxxx and controlled by a custom property in the sub-assembly.


Each configuration in the parent assembly will create the desired part length, BUT the drawing file will not...


Any help to figure out what I need to do is appreciated!!



Annotation 2019-01-12 155823.jpg


Annotation 2019-01-12 160043.jpg


Annotation 2019-01-12 160932.jpg