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    how can i draw this parts?

    Luca Marino

      Hello guys

      This is a part for my lathe, it is a double tray, now i have just a draw on paper from my office;

      are three pieces  plus 2 little on the sides, i thought this is an assembly than im started with the base but now im stock,

      i attached some photo if some one can help me it will be rally appreciated

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          ömür tokman

          Hi Luka,

          Do you have any attempts?

          If you're asking how to draw.

          With SW sheet metal you will draw and flattening it.

          If you want someone to draw for you.. (Who does this help, I don't know.)

          Can you take pictures of the pieces.

          Real parts not of drawings.

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              Luca Marino

              Hello ömür tokman  thanks for your fast reply

              i have my attempt now is attached;
              i started with a sketch of the base and i made a base flange but for the rest of the construction

              i can't realize how sould i do, i need basically someone who can follow me in this specific draw
              if youd like to check it you can tell me if i'm started right atleast im really getting frustrated

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              Solid Air

              Is this what the part looks like?


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                  Luca Marino

                  Solid Air thanks for your time and your answer its been really appreaciated!

                  it looks exactly how it sould be!

                  could you please tell me how??
                  I have a  my sketch of the base is a part metal sheet; is attached, im pretty sure is right "but never say never"
                  and now im stock cause evry command i use looks not working or working but

                  not in a right way, or i just miss the right step;

                  could you  please let me understand how you did it?

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                      Solid Air

                      Except for your sketch not being fully defined, the only difference is plane placement for the base sheet metal piece.


                      I am by no means a SolidWorks sheet metal guru so my method to create the center pieces may not be the best method.  Below is what I did.  I extruded the center piece as a piece of sheet metal through the first part.


                      I had hoped you would have included an attempt to make the center section in your model but since you did not, I will stop there and let you figure out how to do the rest (not fair I know but sometimes learning by doing is a better teaching tool).



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                          Luca Marino

                          Thanks again Solid Air for your fast and constructive reply,


                          i understand how you used a plane, in the middle of the part, for build up the flange,

                          it's ok now i get it, i attached my attempt, so you can see

                          and now if i'd like to cut down the material extra, how should i do?

                          i hope i followed your steps well!!

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                              Solid Air

                              Looked at your attempt.  It appears you assumed that the flange at the top is the same distance as the 45 degree bent piece.  From looking at the print you supplied, my model has the vertical flange longer.


                              Your attempt


                              My model


                              Also, how do you think you should cut the the center divider?

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                                  Luca Marino

                                  hello Solid air, thanks for your constructive reply,



                                  after several attempt something came out; i attached yhe model so you can see

                                  Looking you your model your flange was longer, sure!!

                                  i thought you did it first,the flange at the center

                                  than later you consider the 40mm and the 46° at the base

                                  and than you got plan,

                                  after i thought you used a edge flange command with a sketch modified;

                                  i'm doing right?

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                                    Luca Marino

                                    Hello again solid Air.

                                    i have the last improvement for you

                                    i hope to be right

                                    see attached

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                                        Solid Air

                                        With SolidWorks, one person's right is another person's wrong.  Everyone models differently.


                                        And read prints differently.  The side view implies the end pieces are on the outside whereas the other two views imply the end pieces are on the inside.  I choose the outside because it seemed easier to fit than trying to get it to fit inside a bent part (but what do I know, I am not a sheet metal person).  I also prefer not to use sheet metal when the pieces are flat because overhead to the model (flatten pattern features when the part is already flat) and because our workflow does not require them to be sheetmetal (again my preference).


                                        The other thing the print implies is the two center pieces are bent opposite of each other..



                                        Where you modeled them as one thick center section with a bent flange and one angled piece.




                                        So I will show you my method to model the center pieces.  My sketch is below (as you previously noted one plane is in the center of the part).



                                        I then used a base flange to extrude (see my previous post for results). [Although I did like the way you created your flange because it eliminated the cut I talk about in my next step].


                                        I then cut the inside piece using the inside profile with flip side to cut and normal cut checked so the sheet metal gets cut correctly so it will flatten.



                                        I mirror this body to complete the part.


                                        I also have a thing for only creating geometry I need.  I prefer using faces instead of creating a plane (especially when the plane is created from the face I would use for my sketch (ex Piano 16 & 18).  Again this is MY personal preference, I see a lot of users create planes.


                                        In the final analysis you part and my part are pretty much the same (you just need a little more work on the internal pieces).


                                        should touch the inside surface not the outside.