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Missing decal files

Question asked by Ken O'Donnell on Jan 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by Kevin Pymm

I'm having some issues with decals. I'll try my best to explain!

I have a decal on one of my parts I have modelled. I moved the decals location and it didn't show up on the part but I found out how to fix this by locating the decal and saving it to the part file itself. I have now made a copy of this part and put it in an assembly with other parts I have modelled. My issue is that the decals then didn't show up in the assembly, I'm not sure how really (I'm kind of new to Solidworks). But when it prompted me to locate the decals that were missing for each part I ignorantly clicked the "do not prompt again" box instead of locating the decal file for this one part. I was able to fix the rest of the decals by locating the decal file with the same prompt but for this part I can't seem to do the same anymore since I clicked the "do not prompt again" box. I'm away from the computer Solidworks is on till Monday so i can't access the file till then but I need to have this issue sorted by Wednesday at the latest. Thank you for your help!