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Multi-Cavity Mold

Question asked by 1-9VBDZ on Mar 19, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2009 by 1-9VBDZ
I've been a SW user for quite a few years now, but haven't gotten into too much mold or surfacing work until a recent job change. I've been able to follow the mold design tutorial pretty well and used one of my native SW parts to create a core/cavity assembly without too much problem (DEFINITELY helps when you start with clean data that has some flat surfaces).

My question is, now that I have a one-out mold made, what's the best way to make it multi-cavity? Should I try and make a sketch driven array of bodies from the molded part and attempt to connect them all with a parting surface (not sure how to do that part yet), or should I try and totally separate all external references from each half in an effort to manipulate them with a move/copy commands? I'm trying to keep in mind that in the future I might need quite a few different patterns which might also need RH/LH features, so I want to make it fairly straightforward and easy to change. Oh wait, I think everyone doing design tries to do that...<G>. Any suggestions are appreciated.