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    save body

    Steve Krause

      (I've forgotten how to do this)   I have a part.  I've brought it into an assembly.  In the assembly I've done some extrude cuts to the part.  I want to save out the parts that have been modified by the cut made in the assembly. I believe I turn it into a multi-body and save the two separate bodies.  I do not even see the bodies folder in the assembly tree.  I forget how to do that.


      UPDATE: I've attached a sample assembly and the one part within the assembly.



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          Dwight Livingston

          Do a "save as", and save your assembly as a part.

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              Steve Krause

              I forgot about that.  Makes sense.  But when I do a saveas sldprt I get "The operation is not supported because it will create invalid geometry (the bound box of the geometry can not be greater than 1000 meters)."   


              The example I uploaded is actually not the object I am really working on.  The one I am working on is also a pretty simple model and I don't see any error messages in the assembly feature tree.   And I do see a cube wire frame around the assembly when I select the top level assembly that looks pretty contained near the borders of the object.   I am working in inches and the assembly is about 20".  In others words I don't see anything odd about the size or any errors about invalid geometry.


              I'd post the actual files but this a friend's experiment so I'd have to wait to see if he wants to put it out in public.   Any other ideas?

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              Jon Sprague

              I would right click on one of the parts and click on 'make independent'.

              save it as test2

              then in the cut extrude command check 'propagate feature to parts'