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    How to limit mate angles when the range exceeds 360 degrees?

    Topi Talvitie

      Hello everyone,


      I have been reading this forum a lot and leeching on all of your collective experience. Thank you all for that

      Now the time has become for my very own question.


      My goal is to make a model of a robot that would have the same freedoms of movement as the real robot. I have already made all the mates for the joints and those works as expected. Simply concentric and coincident/distance mates.


      Next step would be to limit the movement of the joints according to real-world limitations. I have the data I need for each joint as positive and negative degrees from the zero position. When I have a joint that moves anything below 360° there is no problem (I can work around the negative degree). But as I try to make a limit lets say -185°/185° ( a total of 370° range) those minimum and maximum values change to represent only that 10° movement between the two endpoints.


      So my question is. Is there a way to get limit angle mate to work with total movement range over 360°?


      I have considered making a mechanical device (that would be hidden in the assembly) that uses rack&pinion, gears, or spiral slots to restrict the movement. But this seems to be a very unsophisticated workaround.


      I have been trying to find an answer to my problem from here as well as any other place Google and I came up to. I hope there is just some simple tab in some option that I just haven't realized